Canine Friends

This is a collection of some of my canine friends that I have been honoured and delighted to be commissioned to paint in acrylics and oils capturing their individual characteristics.

Such characters, all of them. 

A few paintings are of my own dogs, who are a constant source of inspiration, with all their antics, some are on exhibition.

Can we play?

Can we play? Acrylic on ceramic alumina


Wilton Acrylic on canvas


Doggypaddle Acrylic on canvas


Bella Acrylic on polymin minature

Taz, waiting to go

Taz Acrylic on canvas

Terrier look

Terrier look Pastel and pencil on paper

Bertie by the lake

Bertie by the lake Acrylic on linen board

Bella and the tree

Bella and the tree Acrylic on board


Beano Acrylic on gesso bord

Best friends

Best friends Acrylic on canvas

Waiting for mum

Waiting for mum Acrylic on canvas

Chewing the hydrangea

Chewing the hydrangeas Acrylic on canvas

Checking the shute

Checking the shute Acrylic on canvas

Bear looking Majestic

Bear looking majestic acrylic on board


Scruffy Watercolour on paper-board


Snow-dogs Acrylic on canvas


Rosie Acrylic on ceramic alumina - miniature


Puddle Oil on canvas

Early spring sunshine

Early spring sunshine Acrylic on canvas

Honey and Rio

Honey and Rio Acrylic on canvas

Looking for squirrels

Looking for squirrels Acrylic on ceramic alumina


Daisy Acrylic on gessobord