Painted Drawings



A very special commission

An affordable special artwork

No mistaking your painting

The story is so important!

All of the detail

The look that will always will be with you!

'Remember when...?'

If you are interested in commissioning a painted drawing, please contact me.

As long as you have a few photographs of your dog or horse or cat, that show something of their character, I can use the information in paint.

Then you need to choose a specific 'pose' which is the image that is specific to you that is clearly their character or habit that means so much to you.

I can use the other photos as reference for markings or colours and items that you may want to include, such as where they are, a ball, toy, or any other particular item that shows their personality.


I need about two weeks to paint it depending on how much is already on my easel! 

These paintings are approximately A4 and I supply them mounted and wrapped from: 

 £50.00  plus the postage. I can supply them in a standard frame depending on size and colour from £10.

I can paint larger sizes by arrangement.

To discuss your idea for a painting, either send a message on the contact form or phone for more information.

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