Maxine Williams is an artist making paintings in acrylics and oils.

She paints in a wide range of style and subjects, wherever the inspirational spirit takes her.

Inspiration comes from far and wide. Many are coast and countryside influences from around Devon and much further afield . 


Colour, line and a strong emphasis on energy and movement, with depth and intensity, feature heavily in her works. 

Bold, detailed strokes and a metallic influence are evident, with developments in current works, experiments and exploration into styles that she has been working on for a number of years, that she now has time and space to further investigate.

From time to time she takes commissions and enjoys painting the ideas and visions that clients are looking for, be it portraits or landscapes. She has clients throughout the UK and the USA.

 During the last 35 years, she has exhibited in London at Christies, Dover Street, Covent Garden and The Mall Galleries and around art galleries in England.