Commissions are a large part of the work that I do.


I consider it a huge compliment to be given a commission. 

All of my commissions are of such special significance (whether they are two or four-legged) to the client and many come through recommendation, so I take to heart very seriously, the responsibility of  creating the treasured painting that they have in mind.


I work with the client, both in the setting, detail, likeness and the effects they want to create. 

Many of my commissions are a 'secret gift.'  This does present its own challenges but also the rewards when client and the recipient have the painting. 

I do use photographs too, for my portraits but if possible, it helps a great deal to meet the 'sitter' in order to have idea of characteristics and personality. 

I try to have the opportunity to take photographs myself, which is not always possible but almost always, the client knows exactly what they want in the 'look' of the painting.     I always ask for as many photos as possible and very often there are one or two, that are of the portrait that they really want.

Currently, It is difficult to be able to visit clients to discuss a painting but with careful planning we can make the safe, distance arrangements. 

Please contact me through the website, phone or messenger-Facebook or Instagram to discuss requirements and I will be very happy to help.

Commission Prices

Commissions prices are quite difficult to pin down and vary greatly according to the size, complexity and medium.

Full portrait paintings depend on the subject and content but generally start from about £180 on gesso board

or canvas, for acrylic for approx 10 x 8 and from £250 for oil  for approx 10 x 8. 


Paintings are not framed as clients have such varying needs and requirements in style but I can arrange framing and provide quotes.

A commissioned painting is very personal and in my experience, has to not just be 'a likeness' but bring to life an image of the person who is, or was so very special to the client. 

I am happy to work with you especially if you have a specific budget in mind.

Painted drawings start from £50 or £60 plus the frame (if required) for an image of approx A4.

Paintings for Sale

There are from time to time, various paintings for sale.

Some will be displayed on the website in the Gallery Portfolio, as they are produced and the site is updated.


Please contact me for further details.

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